A best-seller since 1992, this in-depth, tongue-in-cheek, hilarious handbook details, through subtly accurate observations, the irreverence of the Carioca - those charming inhabitants of Rio de Janeiro. A must for the tourist who is unaccustomed to the whims of Rio, the capital of fun in the sun.

One of the many highlights of the book is Chapter 4 with ‘Essential Vocabulary Words and Phrases’ and ‘Speaking Carioca,' where the reader will experience a humorous look into the characteristic and creative Carioca version of Portuguese. By many considered to be an impure variation of the language, it is undoubtably the most popular of the Brazilian dialects.

What this book is: How to be a Carioca is a satirical look at what makes up one of the world's most colorful characters: the Carioca. Natives of Rio have a unique way of maintaining an up-beat samba-like swing while dealing with the woes of the day-to-day in paradise. This book will help you understand the endearing Carioca attitude about life and thus help you, on your next trip to Rio, blend in with the locals.

What this book is not: This is not a guide book, there are no tips on where to eat or places to stay. You will learn to be a Carioca.

How to be a carioca